First ever blog

So, here goes… I guess to start off with i should explain what this is site was set up for, although i am sure my wife Heidi will do the same in a much clearer way at some point.

The short version is, I met Heidi in March 2011, fell in love, we got married in May 2013 and we have a very happy life, we have almost everything we could have ever wanted. And its the ‘almost’ that has led us here.

Like most people, I assumed I would meet someone, fall in love, get married (so all looking good), then start a family… This is where life has thrown us a curve ball. After trying to naturally conceive for around 2 years, we went for tests, and were told we had ‘unexplained infertility’, which seemed like the doctors way of saying they didn’t know!

A year later, we started our first round of IVF, which due to the postcode lottery in this country, we had to pay £6k for.

When that first test showed a positive, I am sure you can imagine the joy and happiness that came into our lives almost instantly, the one thing we had been waiting on for so long we finally had. Unfortunately, and at this point i wont go into the details, we lost both of these babies.

A year later, we went for a second round of IVF, a further £5k, but unfortunately after putting in a ‘low quality ‘ fertilised embryo, we didn’t get a positive test!

So, why the Blog, this isn’t meant to be a forum for myself and Heidi to vent, or for us to achieve some level of fame through the social media world that seems to be growing at an inexplicable rate. In fact, I am uncertain if anyone other than myself and Heidi will ever read this, but if that is the case, then that’s fine. Sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, no matter how close you are, there are things you just can not say to each other, perhaps this Blog will allow us to say the things we can not say to each other face to face.

And if others do read it, especially those who might be going through something similar, then maybe it will help, as we are not special, we have been singled out, we are not alone,  this is something so many people have to go through and for me its been and continues to be the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with.

And that’s it, my first post, just an introduction really, but even writing this has made me realise how important it is to talk about life and how are you are feeling.








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