Flight delayed!!

So myself and Heidi are currently sat in Lisbon airport waiting for our flight home which has been delayed over an hour and half.. so far…

I killed the last hour doing some work, and Heidi spent the time tidying up our little blog and making it more aesthetically pleasing.

I have now lifted my head out of my laptop and started to look around the airport at all of our fellow travellers. This is something that is both painful but also pleasing.

The pleasing element is around how easy we currently have it. Just the two of us, chilling out, no one else to keep entertained or look after, we don’t take this for granted.

But then comes the lump in my throat, the empty feeling that can not be filled. I see the dads looking after their children. Some so happy to have a little person of their own, some angry or frustrated as the child is misbehaving, what I would give to be either of these men.

I feel bad for resenting them, but it’s not really resentment, it’s jealousy.. why should they have it and I can’t.

Just to right of me there is an older man with 2 daughters and wife. He is ignoring his children’s attempt to get his attention and is buried in his phone, all I want to say to him is put that f**king phone down and play with you child, you don’t know how lucky you are ….

But I have to remember I don’t know what is going on in his life, or what problems he may have… I can’t push my own frustrations onto other people .


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