Relaxing Lisbon

Lisbon view from the castle

Beautiful Lisbon, taken from the Castle

We’re on our way home from Lisbon. It’s Saturday evening and our flight was delayed by a couple of hours. Frustrating but it doesn’t matter. We had a truly lovely time and I haven’t felt so relaxed in ages.
Lisbon is a lovely city. It’s so laid-back for a capital. Far from the rushing commuters and crowds of tourists that London offers. I have also never been offered weed so many times in just three days! Of course, we politely declined!

Everything is improved by the weather and we were lucky in that respect. It was far warmer than we anticipated and more so than the locals expect for the time of year. We sat outside, eating, drinking and listening to music by the river. We walked for miles, took in the scenery and atmosphere and just enjoyed the sun on our faces.

It was really great to have a few days together, away from home and work, following our most recent IVF failure. We had some really good chats about how we’re both feeling and how we want to progress from here so I feel happy we’re both on the same page. But it wasn’t all about that. It was just lovely to relax in each other’s company and enjoy spending time together free of work, chores, routines and expectations.


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