Silver lining #1

It’s fair to say that my job comes with its fair share of pressure, which is true for so many people.

Even before my most recent promotion I used to struggle with this pressure, I would struggle to sleep, sometimes going weeks with only a few hours sleep at night. In fact it wasn’t just work, but any kind of pressure I could put myself under, I would…lack of confidence, lack of self worth, you name it, I stressed about it.

I rarely shared this with anyone, just bottled it up, overflowing with confidence on the outside, drowning on the inside.

But if the last 4 years have taught me anything it’s the very corny phrase .. “don’t sweat the small stuff”. That isn’t to imply the stuff I was stressing about was small, but where you cannot control something, worrying is not going to change the outcome. While this sounds obvious to some, it was something I always struggled with. Now I am not saying I am stress free 100% of the time, but I certainly consider myself to have a better handle on what I stress about


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