Smack in the face !!

So yesterday I was positive, happy and upbeat! Today i have been brought back down to the dark place I have been stuck in for the last few years. 

While out shopping and eating lunch with my amazing wife and some friends we received a text from someone who had found our beautiful purdy (kitten) who was less than a year old by the side of the road near our house.

We rushed home to find her lovingly rapped in a towel near our front door, we took her inside and gave her some big huge cuddles before placing her somewhere peaceful for my sister (a veterinary nurse) to come and take her away tomorrow.

Purdy was a beautiful tortoiseshell kitten who loved to climb everything she could. She was always more adventurous than her brother Pongo and always wanted to be outside playing.

We know she knew she was loved, we know we loved her and did what we could to discourage her from the road in front of our house, but she was always going to explore.

While not linked to infertility, when something like that is in your life, it just feels like every bad thing is another kick in the face.

Today is one of those days I am going to struggle to feel blessed for everything I have, instead I am going to cry and want to scream out loud that life is not fair !

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