Family holiday 

So it’s definitely been an interesting week. 13 people (8 adults and 5 children) all in one villa in lanzarote.

It’s had its ups and downs as you can imagine, but mainly it’s been ups. I sometimes find it really hard being around my wife’s family, not because they are not great people, they are… but just because they all have the families that I so desperately want.

But this week, that’s not been a problem, it’s just been a week a fun in the pool, beers and BBQs

Unfortunately work has got in the way a lot this week, and been on my mind continually, but I have tried not to let this stop me from spending quality time with my nieces and nephews.

It’s back to reality tomorrow, with impending decisions to be made on if we are doing another round of IVf or if we are going to start down the adoption road, so hopefully I am at a least a little refreshed !


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