Lucky lucky lucky 

So, some times a picture speaks a thousand words !

On Saturday we started using our log burner and we noticed it was smelling strange… I brushed it off as a different type of wood, but turns out, as you can see, it was actually that the pillow we had put on top for poppy to sleep on was literally melting!! At one point on Saturday, we went out for 3 hours !! Can you imagine what might of happened !! We were so lucky !!

But this is not the only reason I am lucky. Today, I had a bad day at work, as a Finance Director I pride myself on being results driven, accuracy of forecasting and ensuring everything I do is clear, concise, accurate based on strong assumptions, but today I had to explain an error ! 

Let’s be clear, I didn’t make the mistake, but I didn’t spot it.. no one died, but something I owned was wrong.. no one was hurt,, but my credibility was dented with those I want to respect me…. 

so, I am feeling shocking !!

What happens next.. I find out one of my friends nieces is very sick!!!! 

I find out an ex professional footballer has died at the age of 44 !!!

Yesterday in France there was another terrorist attack.

Perspective people !!!

Yes, I made a mistake, yes I feel I need to do better in my job, did I mean to do it, no.. but it happened.. will there be repurcussions, perhaps.. however then I saw this

And then I realised.. I have this someone, so not only did I not burn down my house.. not only is my job not life of death (even if it feels like it is) I have someone so special in my life if I think about it, I am one of the luckiest people alive


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