Decisions, decisions, decisions 

So, the picture above is after myself and my amazing wife completed the Great East Anglian 10k run this weekend. This is something we had been training for the last few months. While this was a great day, and we have had a great weekend with our friends over the bank holiday, I have also spent the weekend thinking about a lot of things.

Work – I have mentioned before that my job, like so many others comes with a lot of pressure and the associated stresses. I don’t mind the stress, but what I have been struggling with over the last few months is that I am not actually enjoying the job, and therefore I am starting to question my long term future. I have infact recently applied for a new role, which I will here more about next week, but more than anything I need to really think about what I am looking to achieve career wise over the next few years.
Ivf / adoption – we met with our Doctor during the week and now we have to decide if we want to put ourselves through another cycle of IVF or to make the decision that it is something that will not happen for us, and that actually the rewarding decision to go down the adoption route is not a failure, but the start of an exciting new journey.
Savings / Investment / spending – and this point is linked to the two items above. We are so lucky in that we are currently in a position where we can save money on a regular basis while still be able to do most things we want too (within reason) and have a number of ongoing investments. What I am struggling with internally is what’s the best for now, versus what’s the best for the future. Clearly decisions here will be linked to both spending decisions (ivf) and working choices (pay cut etc), I do not want to put myself and Heidis lifestyle at risk, but at the same time, I am concerned that if I do not make some changes, my marriage or my life could be adversely affected, which is not something I want to do!

So, I have lots of questions, and not many answers right now. I am sure this is something everyone feels like from time to time, I am pleased I know I have these questions and I have identified the risks, the most important thing for me is to find more time to try and find the answers


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