It is ages since I last wrote anything on here. If I’m honest, I forgot about it! I think partly due to being busy, as ever and also due to the simple fact that I feel quite content at the moment.

I am happy with life. How could I not be? It’s days like the last few that really remind me how lucky I am to lead the life I do. 

Yesterday for example, I worked in the morning – saw a couple of clients, then did a workout in the garden and a 5k run in the sun. Then I mowed the lawn whilst my lunch cooked and sat outside to eat. I then treated another three clients in the afternoon, finished at 6pm and spent the evening with my husband. Can’t really complain at that!

But I think I am also content, not only with my lifestyle, but with our recent big decision.

We have made the firm decision that we will apply to adopt in August. And I feel good about it. Excited. Nervous. But overall very positive. I think it’s the right step for us.

I still have moments where I feel angry or upset that having children naturally hasn’t happened for us. But those moments are becoming shorter and fewer. I know the adoption process is pretty gruelling and at times I will probably question why we are doing it. But then I fast forward to a years time when we could have our little family and the thought makes me light up on the inside and tear up on the outside!

So I guess for me, contentment reduces my blogging output! Sorry if that means I only blog when the times get tough! But maybe that’s the way it is. I’ll certainly try to update more once we officially start the adoption approval process.


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