Adoption… the process begins

Both myself and Heidi have posted how we have made this really big, but at the same time incredibly exciting decision to adopt, however now the reality of the process has kicked in.

We had done a fair amount of research in advance of making the decision, but as always its not until you start something that you realise the enormity of the task.

So, step 1, detailed chronology of my life…. since birth. This included all key major events, moving home, schools, jobs, relationships etc etc. I have to say I found this both eye opening (regarding what I could and could not remember), but also quite upsetting as it reminded me of some of the mistakes I have made, but also that I am not where I want to be in my life in terms of having a family.

But, the upside, its coming… The adoption process will be long, rigorous and stressfull, and rightly so. The adoption agency is looking to find homes for children, they are not looking to find children for parents. I choose to believe that even if a parent is not or does not feel capable of raising a child, that they would still want to be assured that the adoption agency will do the absolute best for their child / children.

So yes, a long process, I am sure I will write blogs throughout it, but I am still really excited about where this path will lead.


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