Odd weekend 

So, this was an interesting weekend…

Yesterday we spent the day with my godson and his sister at High Lodge. We had a picnic and walked the Gruffalo trail.. the sun was shining, the kids were well behaved and all in all it was a lovely day.

Today however was slightly different. Today we spent 5 hours babysitting my friends twins. I have to say I found this incredibly tough for a number of reasons.

1) As much as I want a family, I have to say I am terrible with babies.. it’s not that I don’t like them, but it’s fair to say we just don’t understand each other! They don’t seem to get me and I can never understand what they want.. food, bum clean, attention…. and then I hear ‘they’re just tired’.. so sleep lol !!

2) Babies don’t seem to understand the importance of timing, and being quiet when the GP is both starting and finishing !

3) And now the more serious point. The twins were actually born about a month after ours would have been. I remember my friend coming round about 2 weeks after the worst day in our lives, when we were told Heidi had miscarried and he had to tell me his wife was pregnant with twins!! 

This was just so hard to hear. Of course I was pleased for him, for a long time his wife had said she didn’t want kids.. so this was huge for him.. but I do remember it feeling like a knife in the heart, back, neck and eye all together. So today was tough on so many fronts. Twins are tough, they really keep you on your toes, but more than anything it was just a reminder of what we lost !


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