Glad to be home

So this was me a few hours ago driving home from Blackburn. I’m not smiling because of the traffic jam I’m stuck in, or from the company of my friend and colleague Peter…. nope, I’m smiling because I am heading home to see my amazing wife.

Ok, so yes, I’ve been away for longer than one night, but on this occasion I missed Heidi more than normal. She means everything to me. I’m not always (usually) a particularly good husband. I work long hours, spend time in the gym when I could be with her, and then eat and drink rubbish while she is healthy and focussed …. and looks amazing as a result of her hard work.

Despite that, she puts up with me, and together we have got through some pretty tough times. It doesn’t really matter what the world throws at us next, as I am certain with this woman by my side we can handle anything 


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