Drawing a line

I took a pregnancy test this morning. Not because I thought that I am pregnant. But to prove I am not! It’s been about 10 weeks since my last period. But we’ve been here before so it’s nothing new.

Tomorrow I am going back on the contraceptive pill and I have to say I am relieved. No more, am I? aren’t I? Hopefully a regular cycle, maybe clearer skin and less mood swings. Fingers crossed anyway, for Andy as much as me. 

I’m also looking forward to cutting off those people who imply (or just say it straight out) that maybe now we have started the adoption process, I might magically fall pregnant naturally. It ain’t gonna happen.

We’re so excited about our plans to adopt, it feels good, and right, like this was meant for us all along. Going back on the pill just confirms our commitment to the cause, and draws a line under the uncertainty and heartbreak of the last 4 years.


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One Response to Drawing a line

  1. I did that a couple weeks ago after going without my period for a few months after ending all my IVF treatments, just to remind myself that it’s not going to happen this way. I personally think if we have to deal with infertility that we shouldn’t have to have a period at all!!

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