Andy and Heidi Dawson impatiently waiting blog

Us on holiday in Dubai – New year 2016/17

We are Andy and Heidi Dawson. We live in Norfolk (UK) with our three cats Poppy, Purdy and Pongo. They are most certainly our fur babies.

We met in 2011 after connecting on the sleaziest of all dating sites – Plenty of Fish. I think we both signed up because we were too tight to pay for a classier one!

Andy is a Finance Director for a medical devices manufacturer. Heidi is a Graduate Sports Rehabilitator, working from her home clinic.

We married in 2013 and began trying for a baby within weeks. After a good year of trying with no hint of success we started the ball rolling with investigations which all came back clear. We now find ourselves on the rollercoaster that is fertility treatment.

We decided to write this blog as a bit of a personal release and a way of expressing our feelings and sharing our experiences. If no-one but the two of us read it then that’s fine, but if it helps anyone else to make sense of their own feelings or feel less alone, or to understand the shitstorm that a friend or loved one with infertility is going through, then that’s even better.